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Flexible Course Offerings

All courses are offered in a two year rotation. Online courses are offered beginning fall, spring, and summer.

Complete the Program in Two Years
Students who complete two courses each semester can complete the coursework from the M.Ed. in just two years. Courses are offered twice each academic year.
Set up a plan with your adviser to meet your personal schedule.

Other Degree Requirements
Other requirements include an action research report, field experience, and an oral presentation of a comprehensive capstone portfolio. All requirements are initiated in required coursework and completed with the assistance of your adviser.

Complete Online Program

This concentration is an excellent program of study for teachers at all levels!
Master's degree offered completely online and taught by experienced online instructors. Degree requires 34 credits.
The ELL Concentration is designed to provide in-service teachers with the cultural and linguistic pedagogy needed to address the ELL needs of students.

Meets State and National Standards

The curriculum is structured around a set of core values that provide a broad foundation in education, research, and technology.

Concentration Courses

The courses in ELL will support the recognized additional educational needs to teachers across the nation that must comply with No Child Left Behind (NCLB) requirements for Limited English Proficient (LEP) students.

Concentration Requirements

All students in the Master of Education Degree are required to complete four core courses. In addition to the core courses, students in the English Language Learners Concentration must complete eight required courses and two special program requirements.