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Toni Gredesky

'My name is Toni Gredesky. I am the Library Media Specialist at Wahpeton High School in Wahpeton, North Dakota. I taught English for 31 years before moving into the library. At first I intended to take only the courses necessary for school accreditation; however, when Valley City State started the Masters of Education program with a library emphasis, I decided to get on board. It is one of the best decisions that I have made in my professional career. The school librarian is no longer just the 'keeper of the books' checking out materials and assessing fines. Today's library media specialist plays an integral role in the success of the school. I am especially interested in the librarian's role as support for teachers and the curriculum. The course work is rigorous, interesting and pragmatic. I am learning so much, and every day I use what I am learning in my library. Each class makes me eager to learn more. The instructors are incomparable in their professionalism and expertise. They are engaging and always willing to help. I am very happy to be part of Valley City State and this masters program. Please email me if you have any questions.'

Deb Syvertson

Deb Syverston
"My name is Deb Syvertson and this program is the third graduate program I have been involved in. I have a master's and doctorate degrees in Educational Leadership. I am starting a new career as the Library Director at MSU-Bottineau and I thought this on-line program would give me a chance to brush up on my library skills. I was a teacher-librarian in a small school for several years during the 70s and 80s but technology and libraries have changed a bit since then. Of all of the graduate programs I have participated in, I have found this one to be the best one, yet. The instructors are very knowledgeable and answer questions promptly. The assignments are challenging and applicable to all librarians. The instructors provide a variety of assignments and activities to keep one engaged in their learning. One of the components of this program that I enjoy the most is being able to network with a wide range of librarians. I have learned much from their experiences and ideas and they are always willing to answer questions and work together. The online component makes it so easy to work on assignments or participate in discussions even when in hotels. At first, I thought I would miss the face-to-face discussions that I was used to, but I have discovered the instructors are so prompt in responding to questions or adding additional information or helpful websites, that it seems as if these courses are face-to-face. If you want a meaningful, educational graduate experience, I highly recommend the Valley City State Library and Information Technology program." Deb Syvertson, Ed. D. Library Director MSU-Bottineau Bottineau, ND

Beth Undem

Beth Undem
"Graduating from Valley City with a Master's degree in Library and Information Technology will fulfill a lifelong goal and dream of mine that I had begun to think would never happen. I had looked into other programs. All would have involved traveling to some extent and would have been cost prohibitive. Participating in the program at VCSU has allowed me to do my coursework at my own pace at home, saving me time and money. When I enrolled in the program, I decided to set the goal of graduating in two years. It has not been easy; however, with the support of the teaching staff and the camaraderie of the other students, I should reach that goal this spring. It will be 30 years after I graduated from VCSU with a Bachelor's degree proving a person is never to old to learn. Taking part in the program has made me a better teacher and library media specialist. I have become more technologically literate and have collaboratively worked with classroom teachers on units that I would never have known about if it were not for my studies. Going to other schools for my field experience and working with classmates on projects has given me a whole new perspective on ways I can help our school curriculum. My work has also been noticed by our school administration. They have listened to my ideas and have recognized what I have been doing by giving me another hour as media specialist. This has made it possible for me to be more flexible and schedule extra time with staff and students on curriculum enrichment projects. Right now I am working with several classes creating book reviews for a blog on our library web page. I truly believe the library and information technology program at VCSU is one of the best programs available. It is flexible, affordable, and challenging. I am proud to be a part of it and help promote it. When I graduate in the spring, I hope to continue my participation by serving as a mentor to others in the program."