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Concentration in Teaching and Technology


Complete Program Online

Master's Degree Fully Online

Master's degree offered completely online and taught by experienced online instructors. Degree requires 32 credits.
Teaching and Technology concentration is designed for P-16 educators to help them become effective users of technology and develop strategies for successfully integrating technology into the classroom to enhance the learning experience.
Course Requirements

All students in Master of Education Degree are required to complete four core courses, four required courses, two special Program Courses and 6 hours of electives.

In addition to the core courses and program requirements, students must complete 11 hours of required courses and 6 hours of elective courses.

Core Courses - 12 hours
EDUC 610 Research in Education, 3 hours
EDUC 625 Issues in School, Community, and Family, 3 hours
EDUC 640 Supervision and Assessment of Teachers and Learners, 3 hours
EDUC 657 Exceptionality, Diversity, and Differences, 3 hours

Required Courses - 11 hours
EDUC 635 Technology for Learning, 3 hours
EDUC 650 Field Design and Implementation, 3 hours
EDUC 675 Teaching with 21st Century Tools, 2 hours
EDUC 685 Action Research in Education, 3 hours

Electives - 6 hours
EDUC 642 Supervision of Student Teachers, 3 hours
EDUC 665 Learning Theory and Instructional Design, 3 hours
STEM 660 Design for Engineering, 3 hours
STEM 665 Invention and Innovation, 3 hours
STEM 670 Design, Technology, and Engineering for Elementary, 3 hours

Special Program Requirements - 3 hours
EDUC 689 Research Applications, 1 hour
EDUC 698 Capstone, 2 hours
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Office Information
Mailing Address:
Office of Graduate Studies and Research
101 College Street SW
Valley City, ND 58072
Phone: 701.845.7303
Fax: 701.845.7190

Contact Information

Questions on Graduate Studies:
Misty Lindgren
Phone: 701.845.7303

Office of Graduate Studies
Dr. James Boe - Director
Phone: 701.845.7304

For more information on:
Library and Information Technologies
concentration contact:
Donna James - Library Director
Phone: 701.845.7275

For more information on:
Technology Education
concentration contact:
Dr. Peder Gjovik - Department Chair
Phone: 701.845.7448

For more information on:
Teaching & Technology concentration contact:
Dr. Gary Thompson - Dean of Education
Phone: 701.845.7197

For more information on:
Elementary Education concentration contact:
Dr. Heather Kvilvang
Phone: 701.845.7199

For more information on:
English Language Learners concentration contact:
Dr. Shou-Ching Chao
Phone: 701.845.7428

For more information on:
English Education concentration contact:
Dr. Julee Russell
Phone: 701.845.7440

Complaint Compliance
Valley City State University is committed to providing a high quality educational experience, fully supported by a range of academic and administrative services. It is our intention to meet the student's educational goals through a positive and rigorous academic experience. In an instance where the student has a concern, information is available on this website.
To pursue state level resolution, contact Lisa Johnson 701-858-3494

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