Concentration in Teaching and Technology

List of Courses

Concentration Requirements

The Master of Education in Teaching and Technology requires 32 hours of coursework, an action research report, and an oral defense of a comprehensive portfolio. The curriculum is structured around a set of core requirements that provide a broad foundation in education, research and technology. All M.Ed. students are required to complete 12 hours of core courses and three hours of Special Program courses.
Core Courses Required 12 Hours

EDUC 610 Research in Education, 3 hours
EDUC 625 Issues in School, Community, and Family, 3 hours
EDUC 640 Supervision and Assessment of Teachers and Learners, 3 hours
EDUC 657 Exceptionality, Diversity, and Differences, 3 hours
Special Program Requirements 3 hours

EDUC 698 Capstone, 2 hours
EDUC 689 Research Application, 1 hour
These courses are designed to support the student in completing graduation requirements culminating in the program's core values as outcomes.
Teaching & Technology

In addition to the core courses and program requirements, student must complete 11 hours of required courses and 6 hours of Elective courses.

Required Courses 11 hours
EDUC 635 Technology for Learning, 3 hours
EDUC 650 Field Design and Implementation, 3 hours
EDUC 675 Teaching with 21st Century Tools, 2 hours
EDUC 685 Action Research in Education, 3 hours

Electives Select 6 hours
EDUC 642 Supervision of Student Teachers, 3 hours
EDUC 665 Learning Theory and Instructional Design, 3 hours
STEM ED 660 Design for Engineering, 3 hours
STEM ED 665 Invention and Innovation, 3 hours
STEM ED 670 Design, Technology, and Engineering for Elementary, 3 hours

Course Schedule

Course rotation for Teaching & Technology