Concentration in English Education

Complete Program Online

Master's Degree Fully Online

Master's degree offered completely online and taught by experienced online instructors. Degree requires 35 credits.
The Elementary Education Concentration is designed for elementary educators to help them become effective users of technology and develop strategies for successfully integrating technology into the classroom to enhance the learning experience.
Course Requirements

All students in the English Education Concentration are required to complete four core courses, seven required courses, and two special Program Courses.

Core Courses - 12 hours
EDUC 610 Research in Education, 3 hours
EDUC 625 Issues in School, Community, and Family, 3 hours
EDUC 640 Supervision and Assessment of Teachers and Learners, 3 hours
EDUC 657 Exceptionality, Diversity, and Differences, 3 hours

Required Courses - 20 hours
EDUC 650 Field Design and Implementation, 3 hours
EDUC 675 Teaching with 21st Century Tools, 2 hours
EDUC 685 Action Research in Education, 3 hours
ENGL 650 Studies in Literature, 3 hours
ENGL 653 Language and Culture, 3 hours
ENGL 664 Literature and Literacy for Children and Young Adults, 3 hours
ENGL 676 Research in Teaching Writing, 3 hours (approval pending)

Special Program Requirements - 3 hours
EDUC 689 Research Applications, 1 hour
EDUC 698 Capstone, 2 hours