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MAT Courses and Rotations

Course #Course TitleFallSpringSummer
EDUC 611Foundations of Teaching for Learning (3)
EDUC 612Adolescent Development and Learning Needs (3)   (offered with sufficient demand)

EDUC 613Reading and Multiple Literacies (3)     (offered with sufficient demand)
EDUC 614Secondary Methods and Assessment (4)Fall
EDUC 625Issues in School, Community and Family (3)FallSummer
EDUC 640Supervision and Assessment of Teachers and Learners (3)
EDUC 657Exceptionality, Diversity & Differences (3)FallSpring
EDUC 675Teaching with 21st Century Tools (3)
EDUC 676Internship/Student Teaching (6)FallSpring
EDUC 683Integrative Capstone Project (2)FallSpringSummer
Total Program Credits (33)
Course #Course TitleCr.
Special Program Credits (Content Major Deficiency Sequence)3-24