Food Service at Valley City State University is a combination of declining cash balance and meals per week. Students enter into a year long contract where you can choose from one of four different plans depending on your eating habits. Students can choose between our two dining facilities on campus, the cafeteria and the Viking I. During the week students can use their meals to eat in the cafeteria and can use their flex dollars in other areas. Meals can be used to purchase meal equivalents in the Viking I on the weekend. Viking Grounds, a Starbucks Coffee Shop located in the VCSU Student Center recently opened and students are able to use their meal plan dollars here as well. Students begin by selecting one of the four plans below.

Plan 5/$400

This plan is suitable for those students that eat an average of one meal per day in the cafeteria and enjoy the flexibility of using the other Sodexo establishments as they see fit as well as spend the majority of weekends away from campus.

Plan 10/$300

This plan is designed for those students that eat an average of two meals per day, enjoy some flexibility with their dining options, and spend a number of weekends off campus.

Plan 15/$150

This plan is appropriate for students who eat primarily eat meals in the cafeteria, eat an average of three meals per day, and need a small amount of flex dollars for other dining areas.

Plan 19/$100

This plan is designed for students who stay on campus the majority of the time and eat three meals per day as well as meals on the weekend. Students choosing this plan have the least amount of flex dollars available, but have enough meals to eat at each meal time throughout the entire week.

Frequently Asked Food Service Questions

1. How does the meal plan work?

After selecting a plan and filling out a contract at the Residence Life Office, an account will be set up for your use in food service. Your account number will be on your Viking card which you will receive at the Information Desk. The Viking card must be presented to the cashier each time you eat. The meal will be subtracted from the number of meals you have per week, or taken out of your flex dollars if your meals are used up. 

2. What things should I consider when choosing the proper food service plan?

Think about your eating habits. Do you like to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Do you only like to eat two meals a day? Do you normally snack throughout the day? These are all things to take into consideration while choosing a board plan that will best fit your needs.

3. Who is required to buy a plan?

All residence hall students will be required to be on a food service plan.

4. What do I do if I lose my Viking card?

Report the loss at the Student Center Information Desk. Viking card replacements are $25.

5. May I transfer my flex dollar balance to the next semester?

No. It must be used in the semester it was purchased.

6. May I use my plan to pay for meals for my guests?

The meal plans come with 2 guest meals per semester.  You may use flex dollars to pay for a guest at any time.  

7. May I change my plan level?

All changes in food service plans should be made though the Residence Life Office which is located in the Student Center.

Where does my money go?

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When you make payment on your board plan, the dollars go toward your meals per week and your flex dollar account.

If you have excess flex dollars remaining at the end of the semester, you are not allowed to carry-over or withdraw money from your account. Sodexo offers numerous semester-end opportunities for students to purchase bulk food items and frozen products. If you run out of flex dollars during a semester, you may add more and carry those additional dollars through to the next semester.

VCSU Board PlansCost Per semester
PLAN 5/$400$1,301.50
PLAN 10/$300$1,875.00
PLAN 15/$150$1,980.50
PLAN 19/$100$2,034.00

Where can I eat on-campus?

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At Valley City State University we have two dining facilities, the Cafeteria and Viking I.

The Cafeteria serves lunch and dinner in a buffet style, complete with drinks, soup, salad, and dessert bars. The Cafeteria provides an excellent atmosphere for a nice sit down meal with friends.

The Viking I serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner where students can purchase a complete meal or else individually select items to purchase. This is ideal for those food cravings & quick snack stops. Items can be eaten in our seating area or purchased 'to go.'

Sodexo recently opened the "Viking Grounds," a Starbucks coffee shop located in VCSU's Student Center. This is another establishment where students can use their meal plan dollars.

If you have any questions regarding your board plan,
please feel free to call the Residence Life Office toll free
at 1-800-532-8641 ext. 3-7124 or 701-845-7124.

For more information on Sodexo Food Services at Valley City State University, including weekly menus, please visit the VCSU Dining webpage at or Facebook at Sodexo Dining Services VCSU.

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Office Information

Office Location
McFarland 209

Office Hours
Academic Year: 7:45 am-4:30 pm
Summer Session: 7:30 am-4:00 pm

Mailing Address
VCSU Residence Life Office
101 College St
Valley City, ND 58072

Fax Number
Vice President for Student Affairs
Pete Smithhisler

Director of Residence Life
Shannon Jolley

Snoeyenbos/Robertson/Mythaler Hall Director
Richard Israel

McCoy/Kolstoe/Student Apartment Hall Director
Brittany Nathan