2014-2015 Resident Assistants

Robertson/Mythaler Halls

Picture of R/M Hall Staff

Joshua Bartels

Joshua Bartels is a junior from Wahpeton, ND majoring in History Education and Library Science. Josh is active on campus in Theater Club, Tennis Club and is the vice president for both of those organizations. Some of Josh's hobbies include playing Ultimate Frisbee, reading, gaming (board and video), and watching movies. Josh is the RA on 1st floor in Robertson Hall.

Richard Langdeaux

Richard Langdeaux is a junior and calls both South Dakota and California home. Richard is majoring in Biology Education and is involved in track and cross country and was also a New Student Orientation leader. Richard's hobbies include running, reading, mechanic work, skateboarding, fishing, and hiking. Richard is an RA on 2nd floor in Robertson Hall.

Jason H. Nelson

Jason H. Nelson is a senior from Clarissa, MN majoring in Fisheries and Wildlife and Business. Jason is involved in the Jr. Naturalist program, Fisheries and Wildlife Club, and Ducks Unlimited. Jason enjoys spending is free time hunting, fishing, and playing sports. Jason is the RA on 3rd floor in Robertson Hall.

PJ Peterson

PJ Peterson is a sophomore from Larimore, ND majoring in Physical Education with a minor in Coaching. PJ is a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, VCSU Football team, VCSU Choir and also works in the Student Center on the work crew staff and as a lifeguard in the swimming pool. PJ enjoys watching WWE wrestling, playing football and basketball, playing video games and watching movies. PJ is the RA in Mythaler Hall. 

McCoy Hall

Picture of R/M Hall Staff

KaSaundra Peterson

KaSaundra Peterson is a sophomore from Ellendale, ND majoring in Business Administration. KaSaundra is active in VCAB, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, and is an L2L Mentor an Information Desk Night Manager. KaSaundra enjoys reading, singing, organizing, horseback riding, and photography. KaSaundra is the RA on 1st floor in McCoy Hall.

Hanna Jepsen

Hanna Jepsen is a junior at VCSU from Savage, MT, majoring in Business Administration. Hanna is a member of Viking Ambassadors In her spare time, Hanna enjoys hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities. Hanna also enjoys baking and cooking as well as being involved in NSTRA. Hanna is the 2nd floor RA in McCoy Hall.

Janessa Van Bruggen

Janessa Van Bruggen is a junior from Sanborn, ND majoring in Music. Janessa is a member of CRU/FCA, Newman Club, Band, Choir and Athletic Band. Janessa enjoys being involved in her church, drawing, reading, riding horse, and using Facebook. Janessa is the RA on 3rd floor of McCoy Hall.

Snoeyenbos Hall


Dylan Stender

Dylan Stender is a senior from Frazee, MN majoring in Business Administration and Human Resources. Dylan is involved in VCSU SHRM and Intramural Sports. Dylan enjoys playing video games, watching movies, playing football, basketball, and baseball, and hunting in his spare time. Dylan is the RA on 2nd floor of Snoeyenbos Hall. 

Courtney Pederson

Courtney Pederson is a senior from West Fargo, ND majoring in Music Education. Courtney is active on Student Senate, Music Student Advisory Council, NAFME and CRU/FCA. Courtney enjoys reading, knitting, anything music, and baking. Courtney is one of the 3rd floor RAs in Snoeyenbos Hall.

Tarah Cleveland

Tarah Cleveland is a sophomore from Menahga, MN majoring in Software Engineering. Tarah is a member of the VCSU Women's Basketball team, Viking Ambassadors, Student Senate, was a New Student Orientation leader and is also an L2L Mentor. In her spare time Tarah enjoys playing basketball, volleyball, softball, swimming, jogging, baking, traveling and spending time with family and friends. Tarah is one of the RAs on 3rd floor in Snoeyenbos Hall. 

Niklas Ernst

Niklas Ernst is a sophomore from Kronshagen, Germany majoring in Social Science. Niklas is a member of the VCSU Track and Field team and Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society. Niklas enjoys reading, traveling, biking, hiking, and watching Netflix. Niklas is the RA on 4th floor in Snoeyenbos Hall.

Kolstoe Hall


David Burgess

David Burgess is a senior from Anchorage, AK majoring in Music Education. David is a member of NAFME and CRU. Some of David's hobbies include Ultimate Frisbee, hiking, camping, music and skiing. David is the 2nd floor RA in Kolstoe Hall. 

Jeena Schmit

Jeena Schmit is a senior from Fairmount, ND majoring in English Education with minors in Speech, Communications, and Theater. Jeena is a member of CRU, VCSU Choir, Viking Ambassadors and Women's Bible Study. Jeena's hobbies include reading, being outside, cooking and baking, Pinterest and Netflix, and shopping. Jeena is one of the 3rd floor RAs in Kolstoe Hall. 

Jenna Coghlan

Jenna Coghlan is a junior from Valley City, ND majoring in Health Science, Exercise Science and Chemistry. Jenna is involved in Track and Field, Cross Country, Viking Ambassadors, and Pre-Professional Club. Jenna also works as a lab assistant and lifeguard. Some of Jenna's hobbies include running, hiking, reading, being outdoors, playing softball and watching sports. Jenna is one of the RAs on 3rd floor in Kolstoe Hall.

Zach Nelson

Zach Nelson is a junior from Kindred, ND majoring in Chemistry Education. Zach is active in Band, Choir, Jazz Band, Intramural Sports, and is an L2L Mentor. Zach enjoys playing guitar, singing, hanging out with his friends, and spending time outdoors. Zach is the RA on 4th floor in Kolstoe Hall.