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Benefits of On-Campus Housing

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Residence Hall Students:
- Are provided a higher level of safety and security than living off campus
- Have a substantially better chance of graduating
- Have increased feelings of self-confidence and popularity
- Have improved public speaking ability.
- Are overall more satisfied with their college experience.
- Have higher GPA's than those living off-campus
- Take a higher number of credit hours per semester
- Utilize campus resources such as the library more often
- Get more involved with campus activities, gaining leadership skills
- Have a higher probability of getting their degree from the same university
- Show greater gains in artistic interests and interpersonal self esteem

Based on studies done by Fleming (1984) and Nobel (1985)

VCSU Residence Hall Benefits:
- Four (4) meal plans to choose from and the ability to change at designated times if you feel necessary.
- Cable TV Service is provided.
- Ability for early sign-up for rooms next year.
- Accessible staff available for assistance, resource, mediation, and community development.
- Environments specifically created to support your academic success.
- Local telephone service provided in hall lounges.
- Networking for laptop computers in every room as well as wireless internet throughout the hall.
- Additional networking in lounges along with a networked printer in the main lounge of each residence hall.
- Summer housing available to returning students.
- Single billing for room, food, utilities, telephone, cable TV and internet.