Approval of Research


Upon submission, each proposal will be considered to be in one of the following categories.

  • Exemptions from IRB Consideration: For projects associated with university courses, if the identity of a research subject is sufficiently protected and the subject is at minimal risk, an exception may be granted. All submissions for exempt status will receive special attention by the Chair if a protected population is included in the study.
  • Expedited Review: An expedited review is a review by a subcommittee of the IRB consisting of the chair of the IRB and two other members of the IRB for research that involves no more than minimal risk, protected populations, or to review minor revisions in previously approved research, or review revisions for proposals that were approved with contingencies. This review is conducted electronically and is typically completed within seven to ten working days. An initial discussion of a project proposal with the IRB chair will determine whether an expedited or full review is necessary.
  • Full Review: A full review is a review of a project proposal by the entire IRB. This will be conducted for research that involves greater than minimal risk, or when the research is of a psychological nature.

Committee Decisions

Upon review committee decisions includes:

  • Approved: Researcher can begin his/her project.
  • Revise and Resubmit: More information is needed or revisions are needed before proposal is reconsidered.
  • Not Approved: Research should not be started.

Record Keeping

  • Minutes of IRB meetings, including attendance, voting, action, and a summary of discussions.
  • Feedback to the researcher, advisor and Chair should be clear and timely.
  • The Committee Chair should provide regular updates to a designated individual (VPAA).
  • Copies of research proposal reviewed.
  • Sample informed consent forms.
  • Forms and instructions for applicants.
  • Statements of finding provided to subjects.
  • Subject debriefing protocols when required.
  • Reports of any injuries to human subjects.
  • Copies of all correspondence between the IRB and the investigators.
  • Records shall be kept for a minimum of three (3) years after the completion of research.