IRB Committee

Structure of the Institutional Review Board: The following representatives shall be assigned to be the committee:

  • The Director for Institutional Effectiveness and Planning serves as the IRB Chair.
  • Representatives from the academic program areas noted below.
  • One representative elected at large by the Faculty Association.
  • One representative of the Administration appointed by the Vice President of Academic Affairs in consultation with the IRB Chair.
  • One representative from the community or surrounding area.
  • One representative of the medical or education profession not associated with the University.
  • Respective alternate members officially permitted to attend and vote on IRB matters in cases of the absence of one of the Board's regular members.
  • Additional members are allowed as determined by university leadership in consultation with faculty.

Committee Members

Contacting the IRB
The IRB at Valley City State University is contacted through the IRB Chairperson

Kerry Gregoryk, Ph.D.
Chair of the IRB
Director for Institutional Effectiveness and Planning
McFarland 322
Valley City State University
701-845-7480 or 800-532-8641 ext. 37480

IRB Committee Members

Heather Kvilvang, Ph.D. - School of Education
Hilde Van Gijssel, Ph.D. - Science
Ralph Hooper, J.D. - Business
Casey Williams, Ph.D. - Fisheries and Wildlife Science
David DeMuth, Ph.D - Director of Undergraduate Research (Academic Affairs Representative)
Emily Fenster, Ph.D. - Social Science
Luis da Vinha, Ph.D. - At Large
Daniel Larson, Grade 7-9 Principal, Valley City Public Schools (Education Representative)
Carol Nelson - Attorney at Law (Community Representative)