Submission Process

The use of human subjects in research requires approval from the IRB before the research procedures are implemented and data are collected.
  • The IRB requires that internal reviews be conducted by the Division/School before contacting the IRB.
  • Materials for review are then submitted to the IRB chair.
  • The IRB chair shall then advise the Division Chair/Dean and project investigators within ten working days whether the project is exempt or requires an expedited or full review.
  • If necessary, the IRB chair will call a meeting of the full committee within ten working days (i.e., excluding weekends) of receipt of the materials.
  • Review results will be given to investigators within an additional ten days of the meeting.
All completed IRB proposals should include the following:
  • Completed IRB Human Subjects Approval Request I form (HSAR I).
  • Completed IRB Human Subjects Approval Request II form (HSAR II) as required.
  • The following forms and statements must accompany the proposal as required by the project parameters:
1. An Informed Consent Form(s)

2. Signed letter of permission from an authorized institutional representative, if research is to be conducted in an institution such as a school, hospital, etc.

3. Debriefing Statement

  • All forms and statements above are required for Expedited and Full Reviews.
VCSU Graduate Students
Graduate students must complete the following before applying to the IRB
  • Proposal Approval form and a two chapter proposal approved by their advisor. (Advisor can find it on the Graduate site)
  • If subject are over 18 and do not belong to any protected population, complete a debriefing form and an Informed Consent form.
  • If the study is taking place in an institution such as a school or disciplinary facility fill out the Administrator's consent form. This is not necessary if the institution has its own IRB process.
  • If the students are under 18 years old, complete a Debriefing form and a Parental Consent form.
All forms except the Proposal Approval Form are found on the IRB site under Resources and Forms. The Proposal Approval Form is available at: on the Graduate School website under "Resources for Students and Faculty".

Graduate Students should submit their IRB Proposals to

All other IRB Proposals should be submitted to
IRB Flow Chart