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Readings Proposals

The 2012 Arts and Humanities Summit invites proposals from NDUS faculty and student creative writers for readings. More specifically, in the spirit of our theme of "Bridges," we would like faculty/student-or faculty/faculty, student/student (with faculty coordination)-teams of readers to collaborate in constructing a reading that would display the sort of interaction and mutual learning going on at your campus, or even between campuses.

Should such coordination prove problematic given time or other constraints, we'd certainly accept proposals from individual authors, but reserve the right to combine such readings with other individual entries to maximize scheduling opportunities.

Genres are open, even within proposals. Group or panel presentations should plan on a combined 35-40 minutes of readings. Individuals submitting alone should plan for 15-20 minutes.

Special consideration will be given to proposals which incorporate the theme of "Bridges," whether through context, topics, or discussion. That theme could also be formed through inter-disciplinary readings, panels which incorporate students and faculty, and/or panels from multiple campuses.

Please consider this as an exciting opportunity through which to showcase the creative writing taking place on, and perhaps even beyond, your campus.

NB: Entries for this section have been closed.