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This Week's Hotline! includes the following articles:

VCSU Commencement Saturday, May 14
Senior Awards Luncheon This Week
Visiting Professors Team-up with VCSU Instructor Walsh
Hill Awarded Mini-Grants
HR TIPS - Policies
Viking Athletic Update
This Week at VCSU and in Valley City ...
April Birthdays

VCSU Commencement Saturday, May 14

VCSU Commencement Saturday, May 14
Commencement Exercises will be held at the W.E. Osmon Fieldhouse on Saturday, May 14, at 10:00 am. The speaker will be Gene Smestad (see VCSU Website for press release).

All faculty and administrative staff are expected to participate in commencement unless excused.

See the broadcast email message from Commencement Director Kim Hesch for details.

The President's Reception will be held in the VCSU Student Center. This is an excellent time to visit with graduates and their families.

Senior Awards Luncheon This Week

You are invited to the Senior Awards Luncheon on Friday, May 13, 2011 at 12:30 pm. The annual event will be held in the Student Center Cafeteria.

Award presentations from all VCSU Departments will be made to graduating seniors at the event. The cost is $5.00. Please RSVP by May 10 to Kim Hesch at 845-7403 or email


Ever dreamed of having your own reserved parking spot at VCSU? This is a unique opportunity to purchase a reserved parking spot that would be yours exclusively from August 2011-August 2012. You get to choose the spot in any of VCSU's parking lots. Facilities Services has offered two parking spots to auction off as part of our scholarship fund raising effort. If you are the successful bidder for a parking spot, we'll furnish a personalized reserved parking sign. What a great way to raise money for scholarships and reserve a front row spot for yourself!

Online Auction starts on Monday, May 9th at 8 am and ENDS at 12noon on Thursday, May 12.

CLICK HERE to place your bid!

Visiting Professors Teams-up with VCSU Instructor Walsh

Visiting Professors Teams-up with VCSU Instructor Walsh
April 17-May 6, 2011, visiting professors from Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Sur (UABCS) in La Paz, Mexico joined Rob Walsh, CASS Instructor, to team teach COMM 212, Interpersonal Communication. Pictured in a planning session with Rob Walsh are (left to right) Rocio Aramburo, Guadalupe Urban, and Mauricio Aguirre.

Each professor joined Rob Walsh in three consecutive classes to give the topics an international verve. Urban and Walsh taught on alternative connections in interpersonal relationships; Aramburo and Walsh taught on levels of friendships; and Aguirre and Walsh taught on bases of power in social interactions.

Together with Dina Petherbridge, VCSU Spanish Instructor, the five educators will submit a proposal for a panel presentation on planning and team teaching across cultures titled "Jumping ROPES: a Simple Methodology for Success in Language Learning" at the 7th National Conference for English Teachers sponsored by National Pedagogical University Francisco Morazan (UPNFM) and the Embassy of the United States in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Hill Awarded Mini-Grants

Hill Awarded Mini-Grants
Professor Curt Hill received two internal $500 mini-grants for the pursuit of new education technologies. He used one of these to have ITC implement OpenSim, an open-source server used to create a virtual environment (or world) which can be accessed through a variety of clients, on multiple protocols. The second was used in the development of programs to generate buildings automatically for the OpenSim environment. The program is far from complete but can now generate any number of buildings in this environment. The initial work of putting the instructional content in the rooms has only just begun, but there seem to be no serious technological barriers left. As a proof of concept project demonstrating that the environment could be generated by a program (rather than hand built as is usually the case), it was completely successful. There is still considerable work to be done to make this a functioning educational tool.

HR TIPS - Policies

Have you ever have a policy question, but didn't know where to look to find the answer?

* How much sick time do I get?
* How much vacation time do I get?
* Do I have to work that day?

Get the answers fast:

1. Check the VCSU web site for VCSU's Policy Manual; you can also find it by following this path: VCSU Website > Employee Services > Policy Manuals (on left) > VCSU Policy Manual.

2. If the information you are seeking is not in the VCSU Policy Manual, we follow the NDUS policy: North Dakota University System (NDUS) Policy Manual.

Employee Services continues to be of assistance with your requests, but this helps when we are not available, or you want the answer in print.

Viking Athletic Update

Viking Athletic Update
* The Viking softball team defeated Dakota State and Mayville State by scores of 8-0 and 8-0, then lost to Black Hills State 2-1 and Dickinson 7-1 to finish 2-2 in the DAC tournament. The Vikings finished with a 21-19 record for a very successful 2011 season.

* The Viking baseball team lost both games in the DAC tournament to Minot State and Dickinson State. The Vikings finished out the season at 13-22.

* The Viking track team competed at Moorhead this past weekend and continued to improve. Turning in some top times and throws were Derek Elliot with a smooth 52.02 in the 400 meters, Amy Field throwing the Javelin 101'2 and Amber Volanti with a shot toss of 36'7 and disc throw of 92'4.

This Week at VCSU and in Valley City ...

Monday, May 9

Spring Semester Final Examination Week
4:00 pm Garage Bands Performance, Vangstad Auditorium

Tuesday, May 10

Wednesday, May 11

Thursday, May 12

Friday, May 13

12:30 pm Senior Awards Luncheon, VCSU Student Center Cafeteria
5:30 pm VCSU Employee Recognition and Retirement Dinner, VC Eagles Club

Saturday, May 14

8:00 am VCSU Graduate Breakfast, Student Center Skoal Room
10:00 am VCSU Commencement Ceremony, W.E. Osmon Fieldhouse
1:00 pm Viking Track & Field DAC Championships, Minot, ND

Sunday, May 15

May Birthdays

May Birthdays
11 Curt Hill
17 Cindy Zahn
20 Amy Anderson
21 Randy Jess
22 Ann Kelly
25 Michelle Hoyt
25 Jennifer Porter