Dec 31st, 2013 @ 8:58 am | Author: Joe Tykwinski
Good-bye ITC and Help Desk;
Hello Technology Services and Technology Service Desk!

The ITC (Information Technology Center) and ITC Help Desk are changing their names to Technology Services and the Technology Service Desk. This is part of a long-term commitment to providing high quality services relevant to constituents. The word “center” is purposely dropped as the new Technology Services seeks to provide an increased level of online self-service, as well as, service to users that may not be located on the VCSU campus. Additionally, similar entities on campus already use "Services" in their titles, e.g., Enrollment Services, Facilities Services, Employee Services, Career Services, etc.

The following four actions in the coming months will demonstrate this is more than just a name change:
1. Technology Services staff will work with the TAC (Technology Advisory Committee) to lead a comprehensive review of the mobile computing initiative at VCSU. The goal is to examine other models for fulfilling end user computing needs and either affirm our current model, or develop a change recommendation report by May 9, 2014. Note: VCSU is committed to the current model through at least 2015/16, but some potential changes might take significant time to plan and execute.

2. A survey will be administered to solicit feedback regarding the quality and value of services offered (Jan. – Feb. rollout). The survey will also solicit user identified technology needs. This was unanimously approved at a recent TAC meeting, so some activity to get people thinking about needs is already underway by selected TAC members.

3. The current ITC web site will be completely reorganized and new information added (Jan. - Feb. rollout).

4. We will implement a ticketing system called ServiceNow to better track user requests and user satisfaction with services rendered. ServiceNow is currently used by the NDUS Help Desk so we will gain some synergy. This change will emphasize the Technology Service Desk as a single point of contact for all technology concerns with the ability to quickly escalate problems to server administrators and other Technology staff when necessary. (Internal now. End users will see a new online request page when the new web site is available)

Please be patient. It will take a few months to fully act on these items, so stay tuned!