Sep 9th, 2004 @ 11:31 am | Author: Viking Sports Informatin
Videos. A form of entertainment to most, but to any football coaches an indispensable tool in game preparation. Game tapes, practice tapes, scouting tapes, recruiting tapes the list goes on and on.

To VCSU Head Football Coach Dennis McCulloch they are all important and perhaps the only thing more important than the tape itself is the view on the tape. Thanks to Grotberg Electric VCSU's Athletic Department is now the owner of a lift (mechanical platform that goes up and down). The sole purpose of the gift is to make sure that Viking coaches and players have the best view possible when the review their practices and games daily.

"To get a true good quality view on both sides of the ball the video taper needs to be high in the air," McCulloch reports. "Without the lift we would be missing quite a bit in our daily film sessions."

VCSU football has been using the lift for the past several years when Grotberg hasn't been in need of the lift.

"Over time we have been able to increase the amount of equipment we have and were in a position to help out VCSU," Steve Welken, Grotberg Electric stated. "We value and appreciate what VCSU and its athletic programs bring to our community and want to do all we can to help out."

(photo above: Grotberg Electric’s Steve Welken turns over the keys for the platform lift to Valley City State University head football coach Dennis McCulloch)