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VCSU Beefs-Up Technology Infrastructure
January 6, 2005 -- Valley City Times-Record
By Barb Bachmeier, Staff Writer

While most of the campus was enjoying their Christmas break, crews consisting of contracted electricians, ITC staff and Facilities Services staff were hard at work upgrading the audio/visual capabilities in classrooms all over the VCSU campus. The work was the first of a two-phase project that will allow VCSU to capture the classroom experience and use the Internet to extend it literally anywhere for students that miss a class or need further review, as well as, distance learners.

This first phase focused on completing the process of providing theatre-like a/v equipment such as advanced LCD projectors and a/v consoles to every classroom on campus. Subsequent phases will involve adding software and servers for recording and web distribution of classroom events. This work will be completed over the summer.