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VCSU is the recipient of an "Academic Equipment Grant" from Sun Microsystems worth $153,510. The grant will help VCSU create an advanced network services environment where students, faculty and staff will have one-stop web access to data, information, and applications. Users will have access to the network services they need anytime, anywhere, on any web enabled device.

Currently VCSU offers services and information using a collection of products introduced over many years. Several of these services were introduced before the world wide web was invented. The systems were not designed to work together. As a result, users have multiple accounts and passwords, and information technology staff must maintain multiple systems with manually duplicated user account directories.

The project involves deploying Sun[tm] Open Net Environment (Sun ONE). "Sun ONE is Sun’s standards-based software vision, architecture, platform, and expertise for building and deploying Services on Demand. It provides a highly scalable and robust foundation for traditional software applications as well as current Web-based applications, while laying the foundation for the next-generation distributed computing models such as Web services." For more information go to:

The biggest technology development at VCSU since the introduction of notebook computers in 1996, is the exponential growth of network services. Currently VCSU offers users e-mail, calendar, file and printing services, personal web sites and data storage, and Blackboard web-based course content. "Within the next year alone, we will introduce users to a student "Portfolio Manager," an application server that will deliver course specific software to appropriate students, a new library information system, and ConnectND the new administrative computing system for North Dakota government agencies. All of this great network technology needs to be presented to users in a comprehensive, intuitive manner so users can quickly leverage the potential of the services. We also need to control costs associated with expanding network services. Building the single platform, one-stop "superstore" of network services will help VCSU achieve both of these objectives and it will position VCSU for continued leadership in the application of digital technology in education" according to Chief Information Officer, Joe Tykwinski.