Apr 4th, 2005 @ 10:20 am | Author: By Ellen-Earle Chaffee
The annual scholarship auction is coming up on Friday, April 22. Proceeds go equally to scholarships in the names of the sponsors, Century Club and V-500, whose members invest a great deal of time and effort in preparing for the event. If you have attended before, you know this is a "must do' occasion. If not, this would be a great year to give it a whirl.

The auction is known for fun and excitement, start to finish. People dress casually, come and go as they please. Many come right at 5:00 to browse the auction items and plan their strategy, while mingling with old friends and new. Bidding begins on the silent auction items right away, and folks dart back to their favorite items periodically to make sure they are still in the running. This can lead to some friendly wars that add to the fun for all.

The excitement is even higher this year with the chance to win $50,000, $200, or, for six lucky people, $50 each. The big prize depends on rolling the dice, while the others are door prize drawings.

As for the auction itself, there is no way to lose! If you decide not to buy anything, you will still have an entertaining night out and a delicious meal, plus the satisfaction of supporting VCSU students. If you buy something below retail value, you get a good deal. If it's at retail value, you are still supporting VCSU students at no additional cost. My personal favorite, though, is when bidders get into a rivalry, each so determined to buy the item that the winner ends up paying more than retail value. The buyer gets what she or he wants, and the amount paid above retail is a tax deductible contribution to the scholarship fund.

I hope that bidders are also aware of the impact on those who donate the items sold at the auction, and their generosity in providing those items. Donors may get some tax or advertising benefits from their donations, but very often they are simply supporting the cause. They get a sense of how much we appreciate their generosity by how much we pay for it. Without the donors, there is no auction – it's as simple as that. Please look around and see if you have a donation to make. If you prefer, donate cash and the auction team will purchase something in your name. Contact Val Moritz (845-7403) or Doug Peters (845-7160) to make a donation. They will also be glad to provide you with a ticket for $25 that covers dinner, two refreshments, and the auction.

And why support scholarships? VCSU is good for this region, and students are good for VCSU. Tuition alone is over $3,000 per year, with total costs over $10,000, and scholarship funds have fallen behind the rising costs. The athletic program is poised for a big leap forward. We have the right personnel on staff; we need to help them get the right student athletes.

So the auction is good for everybody! Please join us on Friday, April 22 from 5:00 onwards at the Eagles. We'd love to hand you the $50,000 check!