May 15th, 2007 @ 9:29 am | Author:
The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) has accepted VCSU's progress report on the implementation of our online Master of Education program and non-program graduate courses, representing the completion of the HLC approval process.

The progress report was recommended by the focused team whose visit was instrumental in the HLC's initial approval for VCSU to offer the Master of Education degree in October, 2005. The recommendation suggested that the progress report be completed by June 1, 2007, and include program materials for the M.Ed. concentrations in Teaching and Technology and Technology Education, an update on the credentials of the graduate faculty and Chair of Graduate Studies, evidence of the use of assessment data to improve student learning, and evidence of the development of research protocols to support graduate-level programs. VCSU faculty and staff prepared the progress report and submitted it in April.

In its analysis of the report, the HLC noted that VCSU has taken important steps in the development of the graduate culture at the institution, including reorganizing the Division of Education into the School of Education and Graduate Studies, recognizing the Graduate Council as a standing committee of the Faculty Association, stabilizing key administrative areas after a period of turn-over, and establishing an administrative unit to handle non-program graduate courses ('Extended Learning @ VCSU').

The HLC's next comprehensive evaluation of the institution is scheduled for 2011. Until then, no further reports are required.