Dec 13th, 2012 @ 1:13 pm | Author: Football Sports Information
Name: Marshall Krebs
Hometown/High School: Beulah High, Beulah ND
High School Head Coach: Loy Ham
Major: Social Studies Education
Parents: Amos and Audrey Krebs

Why did you choose VCSU?
I chose VCSU for the opportunities it provided both academically and athletically. I wanted to be a part of a winning football program while attaining a degree which would lead to a successful and enjoyable career.

Do you have a favorite class or professor?
I enjoy all of my history classes. The professors are very informed and always helpful.

What is Coach Mac like?
He is a very caring coach and maintains good player to coach relations. Him, and the rest of the staff care about our success on the football field as well as in the classroom.

Do you have a career highlight?
Conference Championship and making the playoffs my last season.

What are your plans after graduation?
Begin my career as a High School Social Studies Teacher.

What does Viking Pride mean to you?
Viking Pride is the respect for former and current players, coaches, and the entire Viking football program in general. It is an understanding that we football players are a part of something much bigger than ourselves.

Comments from Coach McCulloch
Sacrifice is the term I think of when I think of Marshall. He came here at a LB and moved to the DL last season and this year – a week before our first game made the move to OL because the team needed him. All of our seniors, especially Marshall, sacrificed many things to be a part of the success of our program. We believe that young men like Marshall are going to be assets to their families and communities.'