Dec 14th, 2012 @ 9:37 am | Author: Football Sports Information
Name: Tyler Kosel
Position: CB
Hometown/High School: Edgeley, North Dakota - Edgeley High School
High School Head Coach:Todd Kosel
Major: Health/Physical Education
Parents: Todd and Loni Kosel

Why did you choose VCSU?
I chose VCSU because I knew I would great a great education along with playing football for a program that has a lot of tradition and success.

Do you have a favorite class or professor?
My favorite professor is Dave Bass. He cares so much about his students and is an amazing teacher. He is also a huge supporter of Viking football and is always there to help students.

What is Coach Mac like?
Coach Mac is a great coach to be around. He cares about everyone on the team no matter if you are a senior or a freshman. He creates a great environment to play football in and makes every player feel like they have a role on the team. I learned a lot from Coach Mac over the past 5 years and am thankful that he was my coach.

Do you have a career highlight?
My career highlight would have to be making the playoffs last season. It was a big step for our program and was nice to see some big results from all of our hard work.

What are your plans after graduation?
I plan on teaching and coaching somewhere around the area.

What does Viking Pride mean to you?
To me Viking Pride means once you are a Viking, you are always a Viking. Each day we wear our colors and our actions, whether good or bad, affect the entire football program. It is easy to see how many people care about the Viking football program from alumni to current players, and that love for the program is Viking Pride. Viking Pride is one of our core values and it is a driving force of our program.

Comments from Coach McCulloch:
'I wish all of our players could understand the college football journey of Tyler Kosel. Tyler did not play a larger role for us defensively until his 4th season in the program, but he prepared every day like he was going to be the starter. I feel like we got everything from Tyler every day. He cares about our program and his teammates more than he cares about his own success. We need to find more Tyler Kosel's. I know he is going to make a tremendous teacher and coach.'