Mar 19th, 2013 @ 11:56 am | Author: Dr. Steve Shirley
With a couple feet of snow still covering our lawns, it is certainly hard to think about spring. The winter always starts to feel pretty lengthy about this time of year, but we know that seasons will eventually change with our long winter giving way to the beautiful spring and summer months.

As we prepare for the summer months, multiple departments and groups across the VCSU campus are busily preparing for the various camps that are traditionally hosted at VCSU. There are a variety of camps covering a wide array of subject areas for students of all ages. These camps are a wonderful way to provide some extra learning and exploration opportunities for students while also exposing them to the resources, facilities, and personnel at Valley City State University.

Certainly, one of the initial camps many think about when they think of summer camps at VCSU are the various Viking athletic camps. VCSU's coaches have hosted successful athletic camps for many years on campus, and Summer 2013 is no exception. Camps will be held for the sports of football and volleyball, as well as boys and girls basketball during June and July. These camps will appeal to a wide range of ages. There are both individual and team camps, and include both day camps and overnight camps whereby students spend time on campus living in the residence halls, eating in the campus cafeteria, etc. It is a great opportunity to learn from VCSU's talented coaches and experience campus life. More information about these athletic camps can be found at

Beyond athletics, VCSU will be hosting several additional camps this summer for youngsters focused on academic activities. These include the fourth annual BAIT (Business and Information Technology) Camp along with camps at VCSU's Prairie Waters Education & Research Center in Kathryn, N.D., and a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) Arts & Engineering Camp on campus. All of these camps are designed to encourage youth to explore new areas about subjects of which they may not have otherwise been exposed to or had the opportunity to learn. You can find more information about these activities at AND AND

We truly see these camps as "win-win" scenarios both for the camp participants and for Valley City State University. It is a terrific opportunity for youngsters to learn new skills and explore new topics while meeting other youth from throughout the region. Likewise, it is so nice to open the campus to these students who may not have otherwise ever set foot on the VCSU campus. It opens new "doors" of possibilities to them and takes advantage of the wonderful campus facilities during the otherwise slower summer months when the majority of our traditional-age college students are on summer break. We look forward to welcoming all of these students (along with their parents and families) to the VCSU campus in the months ahead. The start of these camps will also signal the end of winter and the arrival of our beautiful North Dakota summer!