Digital Portfolios

In 1995 VCSU adopted an electronic portfolio initiative and in 1996 became the second four-year laptop institution in the nation, providing laptop computers to all of its faculty and students.

Its mission statement confirms the significance of learner-centered instruction, innovation, and instructional technology as hallmarks of VCSU's efforts to prepare individuals to serve a changing world.

The Best Technology Practices project became visible on the campus in November 1995. It was designed to employ ability-based assessment as a tool in the curricula and enable students to complete an electronic portfolio on CD-ROM. VCSU secured a five-year Title III grant of $850,000 for the project. The grant funded equipment, personnel, and support for faculty training and stipends. It also enabled the portfolio process to become a campus-wide initiative from its inception. The picture above, provides an example of the VCSU senior portfolio. The portfolio presents a "best works" collection of student projects illustrating the student's competence in the eight University Abilities.

Since 2000, VCSU has required a portfolio of every graduating Senior. The portfolios are used as a University-wide assessment tool and projects from the portfolio are assessed to determine student growth while at VCSU.

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