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Are blood transfusions safe?

  • Blood transfusions is not from free of risk, even in the best conditions. The blood should be transfused only when absolutely indicated.

How long can you live with AIDS or HIV on the average?

  • During the earlier stages, from being diagnosed, the life expectancy is about ten years. The average life span for a person with full blown AIDS is around eleven months. Currently, the average has been expanded to three years.

Do you always die from AIDS?

  • Yes, when HIV has infected the body a mechanism known as apoptosis. It involves a cell taking over another. This occurs in healthy and HIV people. The difference with HIV people is that it targets lymphocytese or immune-response white blood cells, which in turn self-destruct and are lost to the immune system. This will then make you siceptible to illness and disease, and eventually, and ultimately death.-(BROKEN LINK)

What kind of treatment does a person go through who has contracted AIDS?

  • One of the treatment for AIDs is Delta, wich is a combination of drugs. AZT is on of the drugs along with the others such as DDT, DDC, D4T, and 3TC. The most that any of these drugs do an the treatmen for AIDS is prolong the life of the victim.
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