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Adolescents Questions of HIV and AIDS

A group project involving Valley City State Univeristy students
enrolled in PE 358 Applied Anatomy, Physiology, and Human
Performance and Valley City High School sophomores taking
Skills for Living Class.

Class Facilitators:

Don Bruenjes: VCSU Head Athletic Trainer and Instructor
Diane Burr: Assistant Professor of HPE
Carol Hoistad: VCHS Instructor


Applied Anatomy, Physiology, and Human Performance is ac ourse in which anatomy and physiology concepts are taught in an integrated fashion using technology and application to successfully prepare Valley City State Universtiy Physical Education Majors for a career in education. This course was designed by Don Bruenjes and Diane Burr and is in its third year of implementation. During these three years, the class has made presentations to the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education and 11 North Dakota University System Presidents demonstrating the use of technology in the classroom.

The Skills for Living Class at Valley City High School in Valley City, North Dakota, focuses on helping students acquire responsibility, good judgement, and self-discipline. Students explore career opportunities and the responsibilities that come with adulthood, marriage, and parenting. One of our class periods is devoted to the importance of folic acid in the diet for women of child-bearing age. A focus on relationships and dating is included. Students learn to demonstrate the proper techniques for CPR -(BROKEN LINK) and the Heimlich Maneuver. -(BROKEN LINK) A review of the causes and ways to prevent AIDS is given. Students are required to share their knowledge through a service learning project which provides an awareness of HIV/AIDS to others.

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