Workforce Safety & Insurance

The Safety Office and Employee Services works together to administer the Workforce Safety program for VCSU.

Workforce Safety (previously Worker's Compensation) focuses on the safety and well-being of employees in the workplace. This means WSI helps employers become educated in training techniques and safety procedures to help protect their employees.

For more information about WSI please visit: Link to Workforce Safety & Insurance

WSI encourages workers and employers to immediately file a claim (within 24 hours of the injury. Under North Dakota law, employees must notify their employer of the injury within 7 days after an accident or when the injury became apparent.

WSI Claim forms can be found in the Employee Services Office, Safety Office or Link to Safety Forms

For question or concerns, Workforce Safety & Insurance contacts for VCSU are:

Derek Hughes, Director of Human Resources: 701-845-7401 or 3-7401
Jessica Frerich, Office Manager | Safety Coordinator: 701-845-7710 or 3-7710
Ron Pommerer, Director of Facilities Services: 701-845-7700 or 3-7700