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Faculty Name Title Office Location Telephone Email
Anderson, Heather Instructor of Elementary Education McFarland Hall 427A 701-845-7188
Aus, Joan Associate Professor/Director of ELL for the Graduate Program McFarland 327A 701-845-7187
Bass, David Assistant Professor McFarland Hall 326C 701-845-7194
Bennett Zaun, Kathleen Instructor of Elementary Education McFarland Hall 429 701-845-7185
Cummings, Gayle ( M.A. ) Adjunct Instructor
Deyle, Alvina ( M.A. ) Adjunct Instructor
Figueroa, Daisy Undergraduate Director of ELL / Assistant Professor McFarland Hall 326 701-845-7630
Hanson, David Assistant Professor McFarland Hall 327G 701-845-7195
Klein, Joan McFarland Hall 427D 701-845-7193
Knodle, Kim ( M. Ed. ) Director of Field Experience McFarland Hall 326C 701-845-7186
Kocka, Vanessa ( M.Ed. ) Adjunct Instructor Off-Campus 701-845-7609
Kvilvang, Heather Assistant Professor McFarland Hall 327D 701-845-7199
Okland, Sheri Associate Professor/ Elementary Education Chair McFarland Hall 327G 701-845-7184
Olson, Alan Professor McFarland Hall 326B 701-845-7169
Owen, Jacqueline Assistant Professor McFarland Hall 427B 701-845-7181
Rohla, Robert ( M.S. ) Instructor NDSU FLC 207 701-845-7610
Thompson, Gary ( Ed.D. ) Professor/Dean McFarland Hall 326A 701-845-7197
Vanhorn, Shannon Director Distance Learning & Faculty Development / Professor McFarland Hall 125 701-845-7471
Westby, Laurel Instructor McCarthy 262 701-845-7603
Zahn, Cindy Assistant Professor McFarland Hall 429 701-845-7191