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University Alcohol Policy

Valley City State University, in accordance with ND State Board of Higher Education Policy 918, prohibits the possession, sale, dispensation, use or consumption of alcoholic beverages upon land, or in buildings owned by the Board or its institutions. Exceptions to the policy are provided for university apartments or as permitted with the approval of the president.

The VCSU Alcohol Policy applies to students while participating in off-campus university sponsored events including university sponsored travel to and from events.

Alcoholic beverages and the possession of empty alcoholic beverage containers are prohibited in the residence halls. Residence hall students
found to be responsible for hosting events where alcohol violations occur, will be subject to additional sanctions. Hosting is defined as having more than one non-resident of the room or suite present at the time of the violation.

Behavior while in a state of intoxication that is loud, disruptive, potentially harmful to the health or safety of self or others, or affecting the cleanliness or maintenance of university facilities is considered a violation of the policy.


Students found to be in violation of any standard of conduct regarding alcohol will be subject to the following sanctions:

1st Offense:
  • Attend and complete Alcohol Violators Seminar
  • $200.00 contribution to the Alcohol Education Fund
  • Eight hours community service
2nd Offense:
  • $350.00 contribution to the Alcohol Education Fund
  • 15 hours community service
  • Possible Alcohol Evaluation at student’s expense
  • Conduct probation for six months
3rd Offense:
  • $500.00 contribution to Alcohol Education Fund
  • Required alcohol evaluation
  • 25 hours community service
  • Conduct probation for one year
  • Suspension from the University.

Alcohol violations carry from one year to the next. For example, if your received a violation last year and one this year, it would be your second violation.

All fines collected are applied to substance abuse education programs, speakers, and materials. VCSU reserves the right to assign additional sanctions as deemed necessary or appropriate. The above sanctions are subject to review and change as necessary.

Residence hall students found to be responsible for hosting events where alcohol violations occur, will be subject to additional sanctions. Hosting is defined as having any non-resident of the room present at the party. Residents of party rooms will be assessed an additional $150 fine.

Parental Notification Policy

The Vice President for Student Affairs has the authority to notify parents or guardians when students under the age of 21 are found to have committed violations of university policies related to the possession, use, or distribution of alcohol or drugs. The notification of parents is warranted in any of the
following cases:
  • The violation involved harm or threat of harm to persons or property.
  • The violation involved an arrest in which the student was taken into custody.
  • The violation resulted in or could result in the student being suspended from the
  • university and/or dismissed from the residence halls.
  • The student has shown a pattern of violations.
  • The student who committed the violation became ill and/or required medical intervention as a result of consumption of alcohol or drugs.
When possible, students will be notified that parental notification will take place. Students will be encouraged to discuss the situation with their parent prior to notification. A record of the notification will be kept on file in the
student's record.

Please contact the VCSU Counseling Services or the VCSU Safety Office for more information!