United Healthcare

All Domestic Students

We have been working diligently with United Healthcare to express your concerns regarding the new student health insurance plan. We are very happy to inform you that United Healthcare has made the following accommodations:

Spring and Summer Period PAYMENT PLAN

Domestic students now have the option to pay for the student health insurance plan one semester at a time instead of a single payment of $1,212. The spring period premium, $737, is due at the time of enrollment which ends on January 31, 2014. The summer period premium, $475, will be due on May 19, 2014. You will receive a reminder email from United Healthcare closer to that date.

Students who enroll in the student health insurance plan are required to enroll in and pay for BOTH the spring and the summer periods, even if you will not be a student during the summer.

Students may enroll their dependents and spouses using the payment plan option as well. Rates and dates are the same for each individual added.
***** REMINDER *****
Open Enrollment has been EXTENDED until January 31, 2014. This potentially gives students access to their Financial Aid funds in order to pay the premium at the time of enrollment.


Follow these steps to enroll:
If you have questions, please contact:
United Healthcare Customer Service

If you are a VCSU student you can also contact Katie Sather (katie.sather@vcsu.edu) or Kari Bodine (kari.bodine@vcsu.edu) if you have questions.

Health Insurance Card

Once your ID card is available, about 48 hours after enrollment, you will receive an email from UHC. This notification will include directions on how to access your card through your UHC "MyAccount". You will be able to view your card electronically, print a copy, use the mobile site to access your card, or request a permanent ID card to be mailed to you.

Intercollegiate Sports Injury Coverage

Please note that there is a separate policy number for intercollegiate sports coverage- automatically included in the student health insurance plan. This benefit includes coverage up to $25,000 per insurance period (January 1 through August 15, 2014) and a $25 copay for physician visits.