1. Results of state licensure exams
VCSU has posted the Praxis II test results for students who have completed the teacher education program. If the test count in an academic area is under 10 ten and the passing percentage is less than 100%, the results will not be displayed to protect the results of a student who may be identifiable.
How do these data inform decision-making? Each academic major has access to updated test results. Each September and February, program level data is shared that updates both the overall scores and the results for each section (typically each test is broken down into four or five sections). Representative faculty members for each major have the data to inform their decisions to work with their students for test preparation as well as to consider content curriculum changes or adjustments in the emphasis placed on specific sections of the curriculum.
2. Results of employer and/or graduate surveys
3. Average GPAs of program completers
Fall 2004 - Spring 2011 Student Teacher Placements
NMinimumMaximumMeanStandard Deviation
Grade Point Average8082.504.003.31.42
Source: August 2012 Unit Data Report
4. Retention rates
5. Job placement rates
6. Value-added or growth model data on teacher effectiveness
7. Graduation rates
8. Other measures