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VCSU Student Senate

"We're Here For YOU!"

Student Government helps give students an opportunity to make a student's voice heard and helps make a difference at VCSU. The various university committees, community involvement and intercollegiate relations help improve the university experience for everyone.

The Student Senate is the governing body for the student association, which includes all Valley City State University students. The Student Senate is duly and freely elected by the student association and is recognized and given authority. The Student Senate Association acts as liaison with the faculty and administration and is the official voice of the students in university affairs.

Student Senate acts a liaison with the administration, faculty and staff. Student Senate is the official voice for the students in university affairs. VCSU Student Senate also represents VCSU every month of the academic year in the North Dakota Student Association (NDSA).

What Will We Be Discussing This Week?

Every week on Mondays at seven in the evening, Student Senate meets in the Student Senate Conference room located on the main floor of the Student Memorial Union. Each week, we get together to discuss topics, such as the topics we will be covering this week:

New Business
Financial Requests

If you have any questions regarding these topics of interest, please feel free to contact any of the executive members. You can find their contact information in the contact box on the right.

Student Senator of the Semester

The Student Senator of the Semester is an award honoring a member(s) of senate who has demonstrated a sincere contribution to the success of Student Senate.

The Fall 2014 Senator of the Semester is Brianna Johnson. Congratulations!!

Teacher of the Year

Dr. Anthony Dutton
Congratulations to Dr. Anthony Dutton for being selected as the 2015 Teacher of the Year!

Student Advocate

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Congratulations to this years Student Advocate, Marcia Foss!!


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Five executive positions direct the Student Senate activities. These positions are:
1. President (Served by Madelyn Zane)
2. Vice President (Served by Courtney Dixon)
3. Secretary (Served by Katelyn Willer)
4. Treasurer (Served by Tarah Cleveland)
5. NDSA Head Delegate (Served by Jordan Bushaw)

Each of these positions are awarded through elections, held at the end of the Spring Semester for the next academic year. Like any election, the decision comes down to the voice of the people--in this case, the student population.

To be eligible for the Office of President or the Office of Vice President, a student must serve on Student Senate for at least TWO YEARS and must be at least of JUNIOR standing. To run for the Office of Treasurer, Office of Secretary, or NDSA Head Delegate, a student must serve on Senate for at least ONE SEMESTER.

Help Us Help You!

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Student Senate wants to work for the students at VCSU. You can communicate your issues either through email, concern box located on the wall next to the coffee stand, or through our Facebook page.

If there is something YOU want done on campus, don't hesitate to contact us. The VCSU Student Senate is HERE FOR YOU!