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Be Involved with Senate!

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Want to make a difference on campus?

Do you have ideas that could help other students?

Are you eager to get involved in an energetic organization?

Senate will have three openings in the Spring 2014 semester. Watch for emails if interested.

Who Should Join Senate?

Any student with an interest in political science or student government would benefit from Student Senate. The meetings are run under Robert's Rules of Order, keeping all of the procedures professional and accurate. Decisions are made on a 2/3 majority vote, putting the power in the voice of the students. Our meetings are very similar to other government-led meetings...a real hands on approach to learning policy.

If you are not interested in government, do not be discouraged. Anyone can join senate. If you want to make a difference on campus for your fellow students, then Senate is the place for you. Our proceedings deal with all things STUDENTS. We want to make things better for the students at VCSU, and you can help do that.

Want to Join? Here is How You Can!

If you would like to join VCSU's Student Senate, email Erin Edinger for a petition or click the link below. Also, you may stop by the Student Senate office. Petitions are required to become a voting member, but any student is welcome to participate in our weekly meetings.
Served on Senate and still want more? Fill out the Application to be a Student Senate Executive and keep making a difference on campus.

Note: Must serve on Senate for 1 semester to apply for Treasurer, Secretary, or NDSA Head Delegate. Must serve on Senate for 2 semesters to apply for Vice-President or President.

Does your organization need funds?

Any organization on campus wishing to request money must fill out the appropriate forms (included below) and submit them to the Student Senate Treasurer, Nicole Mauch. With that, a separate committee--the Finance Commission--will meet and discuss the reasoning behind the request. Member(s) from the organization are welcome to attend to speak on their behalf. Once the Finance Commission has reached a conclusion, Student Senate will have the final vote. If the vote passes, the organization leader will be notified and the funds allocated.