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About Student Senate

Representing... YOU!!

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The Student Senate is the governing body for the Student Association and includes all Valley City State University students. The Student Senate is duly and freely elected by the Student Association and is recognized and given authority by the University within the rules established by the Constitution of the Student Association and a collection of By-Laws. The Student Senate acts as liaison with the faculty and administration and is the official voice of the students in university affairs. All Valley City State University students become members of the Student Association upon payment of the university fee.

Every organization, no matter the division or department, is under Student Senate; for this reason, representatives are invited from several organizations to voice their concerns and needs. Student Senate acts as the final voice when a new club is attempting to form.

Student Senate is overseen by the Vice President of Student Affairs.

Senate Consists of the Following:

1. President
2. Vice-President
3. Treasurer
4. Secretary
5. NDSA Head Delegate
6. VCAB (Viking Campus Activities Board) Representative
7. IRHC (Inter Residence Hall Council) Representative
8. Viking Ambassadors Representative
9. Athletics Representative
10. CASS (Communication Arts and Social Science) Representative
11. BIT (Business and Information Technologies Representative
12. Science and Math Representative
13. Education Representative
14. Fine Arts Representative
15. Transfer Representative
16. International Representative
17. Male Freshmen Member-At-Large
18. Female Freshmen Member-At-Large
19. 4 Sophomore-Senior Member-A-Larges

What We Do!

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Student Senate is involved in the following activities each year:
*Faculty/Staff Appreciation Breakfast
*Campus Safety Walk
*Fall & Spring Community Service
*Valley City Easter Egg Hunt
*VCSU Campus Easter Egg Hunt
*North Dakota Student Association (NDSA)
*Teacher of the Year Award
*Viking Pilot Award
*Student Advocate Award

Senate members also sit on the following VCSU committees:
*Finance Committee
*Student Grievance Committee
*Staff Senate
*Faculty Senate
*CIFT (Campus Interfunctionary Team)
*Financial Aid Committee
*TAC (Technology Advisory Committee)
*Curriculum Committee

Important Senate Documents

Senate is under the jurisdiction of a Constitution and collection of By-Laws. Both documents are open to the public for viewing and questioning. A separate entity of Student Senate--the Constitution Committee--meets to update the Constitution/By-Laws to keep them relevant.