What in the World is Going On?

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Each semester, "What in the World is Going On?", examines current issues either through books, films or speakers. These events are planned and implemented by a committee made up of VCSU faculty and Valley City community members. What in the World was begun shortly after the events of September 11th for the purpose of addressing issues of local, national & international importance.

The current members of this group vary greatly from year-to-year. Members in years past have included Professors Anthony Dutton, Gina Kelly, and Julee Russell, and emeritus professors Richard Betting and Kay Kringlie. Community members have included Pastor Ellen Arthur, Sharon Buhr, Greg and Ann Lewis, and Edie Betting.
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To find the most up-to-date What in the World is Going On? programming, please visit our Facebook page, or call 701-845-7321. Look to the left for a listing of our upcoming events, as well as information about our past events.