The Google Chrome Extension “Auto-Highlight” provides you with the ability to highlight the text on a website or article. This highlighting feature will allow you to read the most important part of the text.


The MagicScroll Google Extension provides you with a tool to make reading online easier. It can be difficult to focus on your reading when the article is surrounded by advertisements or tool bars. With MagicScroll, you can set apart your article as if it were being read on an E-Reader.

Mercury Reader

The Google Chrome extension Mercury Reader takes text from a webpage and displays it without distractors, like ads and some webpage elements that may distract from reading.


The OpenDyslexic Chrome Extension changes the font of any page you visit within Chrome to a dyslexia-friendly one. The OpenDyslexic font is designed to prevent letters from flipping while reading by making the bottoms of the letters more bold-weighted.

Read Aloud

The Read Aloud Chrome Extension provides you with a robotic voice which reads website text aloud. Read Aloud is an assistance tool designed to read to you at your preferred pace, language, and pitch.


Readline is a reading tool that takes selected text and presents it word-by-word at a speed of your choosing.


The Google Chrome Extension “SMMRY” provides you with the ability to summarize files, websites, articles, documents, and other internet text. You can also choose the amount of text that is summarized along with the type of information included.


Visor provides you with the ability to lay focus on one specific area of text at a time through your site. Especially a great tool to assist those with dyslexia, Visor is also a great tool for those who simply struggle to focus on areas of text during their reading.

VoiceIn Voice Typing

The VoiceIn Voice Typing Chrome Extension allows you to use speech recognition capabilities in any textbox on any website.

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