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The Calendar app provides you with different tools to help organize the many things that occur throughout your day. Calendar helps you better organize your busy life schedules in a simple, effective manner. The main features of Calendar include creating events and reminders and sharing your calendars.


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The Microsoft OneDrive app is an internet-based storage system. OneDrive allows you to save and access documents from a wide range of devices such as a computer or phone. The main features of OneDrive are Uploading Files and Folders to OneDrive and Managing Files and Folders in OneDrive.


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SharePoint provides you with the ability to centralize access to your document files. The three main features in the Sharepoint app are creating a site, adding users to your site, and creating, uploading, and sharing document files.


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Microsoft Stream provides a service to view and share videos within an organization. Stream allows you to upload videos, find content videos from other students and teachers, and share videos within the North Dakota University System.


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The Sway app provides you the ability to create and then present information. Sway is used as a presentation tool, similar to PowerPoint, in order to gather material and share it in a visually appealing and informative way.


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The Microsoft Teams app provides you with the ability to work on various documents with other users in one, organized place. Used as a collaboration tool, the Teams app aids you in a variety of team-based work. The main features of Teams are joining a team, editing a document on Teams, and scheduling meetings with Teams.


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The To-Do app provides you with the ability to organize your events, tasks, and personal responsibilities. You can divide these events, tasks and responsibilities into multiple lists, add due dates and reminders, and then order them chronologically.

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