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The To-Do app provides you with the ability to organize your events, tasks, and personal responsibilities. You can divide these events, tasks and responsibilities into multiple lists, add due dates and reminders, and then order them chronologically.

The following video provides a brief overview of the To-Do app.

The three main features to use To-Do are creating new lists, adding tasks, and “left hand” clicking each task. The following guidelines will explain each feature in more detail.

Creating Lists

Create new lists by clicking “New List.”

  1. Click “New List” for a tab. This tab allows you to create new lists to better organize tasks to complete.
  2. Enter the words to describe the task. Under each list, clicking “Add a task” will allow you to create new tasks to complete.
  3. Organize your lists. If you create multiple lists, you can organize them in any way you would like.

Adding Tasks

Adding a task enters a new task to your list.

  1. Click “Add a task.” This will allow you to create new tasks to complete in any list.
  2. To organize tasks, click and drag the tasks to arrange the order of task completion. 
  3. If a task is important, click the star to include it in the “Important” list. 

“Left hand” Clicking

Once the task is created, clicking on it one more time, or “left hand” clicking, allows you to continue editing the task.

  1. Click the task (or left hand click). A sidebar will appear where you can add more task information.
  2. Enter a due date. You are able to add a due date to give yourself a deadline.
  3. Enter a reminder. You are also able to add a day and time for the app to remind you to finish the task.
  4. By clicking on “Repeat,” you can choose to repeat the task daily, weekly, or monthly, or customize how you want to repeat the task.
The following video provides a detailed overview of the To-Do app.

The following video explains how to use To-Do on a cell phone.

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