The Google Chrome Extension “Auto-Highlight” provides you with the ability to highlight the text on a website or article. This highlighting feature will allow you to read the most important part of the text.

The following image is an example of where to find the tool after you have completed the download of Auto-Highlight.

Tool Location

The three main features of Auto-Highlight include highlighting websites or articles, the ability to use levels of the highlighter, and the text choices you have.

Websites or Articles

Open a website or internet article to highlight.

  1. Have either a website or article open.
  2. Click on the auto-highlight icon in the upper right-hand corner of your browser page.


Decide how much text you want to highlight.

  1. Click once to highlight the bare minimum of text.
  2. Click twice to highlight a medium range of text.
  3. Click three times to highlight the most amount of text.
  4. Click a fourth time to get rid of all the highlight.

Text Choices

Choose the color of your text and highlighter.

  1. Right-hand click on the icon.
  2. Click the “Options” tab (image 2).
  3. Select which color you want your text or highlighter (image 3).

Image 2
Image 2
Image 3
Image 3

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