Readline is a reading tool that takes selected text and presents it word-by-word at a speed of your choosing.

To install

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser
  2. Search for “readline” extension in the chrome webstore, or “readline extension” in the Google search bar.
  3. Click on the chrome web store link in the search results.
  4. Click “add to chrome.”

To use

  1. Open a webpage in Google Chrome you want to read.
  2. Click on the Readline icon on the top right of the Chrome browser.
  3. Click “Options.”
  4. Set the settings however you like.
    1. Recommended to have speed (words per minute) at a lower number
    2. Recommended to have “Select Text + Spacebar starts Readline” checkbox checked
  5. Go back to the text you want to read.
  6. Select the text you want to read with the mouse.
  7. Press spacebar to start readline.

The following picture displays readline in use.

readline in use

Learning Center Info

Room 005 in the lower level of Vangstad Hall.