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Welcome to the VCSU Mathematics Department. Use the menu on the left to find information on the two programs we offer.

Demand continues to be strong for those skilled in mathematics. In fact, in recent years VCSU graduates in both Math and Math Education have enjoyed 100% job placement!

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Mathematics Major Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will understand the classical fundamental and foundational theories of modern mathematics.
  • Students will understand the definition of a mathematical concept, and explain it using concrete examples.
  • Students will use computational skills to theoretically carry out variations of an equation and/or proposition.
  • Students will use logical reasoning skills to understand or provide proof of a proposition.
  • Students will formulate and solve mathematical problems and explain an obtained result to others logically, concisely, and precisely.

Mathematics Education Major Learning Outcomes:

In addition to the outcomes listed above, Mathematics Education Majors will exhibit the following outcomes, based on the North Dakota Education Standards and Practices Board State Program Approval Standards.

  • Students will demonstrate the ability to make mathematical connections and properly use mathematical problem solving, reasoning, communication, and representation.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of both secondary school mathematics and core college mathematics, including the history and philosophy of math and basic computer programming.
  • Students will demonstrate appropriate use of technology and concrete materials for building understanding of mathematical concepts.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to use a variety of teaching methods and assessment strategies.

Department Information

Department Chair:
Preston Bush
Phone: 701-845-7151