VCSU Graduates of Math & Math Education

The VCSU Math Department is proud of the fact that our recent graduates have enjoyed 100% job placement upon graduating. Scroll through this page to see where some of our graduates are now.

Jenna Vrchota

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Degree: Math Education

School: Mt. Pleasant Public School: Rolla, ND

Classes: Math 8, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, & Applied Math

Coaching: Elementary & Junior High Girls' Basketball

Duties: Student Council, Knowledge Bowl, Math Counts Coach, & Freshman Class Advisor.

Says Jenna,"I am where I am now, doing what I love because I have had great people in my corner helping me along the way. My former instructors, mentors, and advisors at VCSU are among these people. They took the time to develop a relationship with me and that is something I will never forget. My goal is that my students feel valued, the same way I felt valued while at VCSU."

James Fries

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Degree: Math Education

School: Linton Public School: Linton, ND

Classes: Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Consumer Math, Trigonometry, and Advanced Math

Coaching: Junior High Girls' Basketball & Assistant Golf Coach

Duties: Acalympics Advisor

Says James,"The VCSU Math Department helped me by giving my practical ideas about how to be an effective teacher. I have been able to use what I learned to make teaching a more enjoyable experience."

Caitlyn (Wojahn) Graf

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Degree: Math Education

School: Central High School: Aberdeen, SD

Classes: Geometry & Algebra II

Duties: Assistant Debate Coach and Public Forum Team

Says Caitlyn, "I credit the VCSU math department for my success as a math teacher thus far. I'm so grateful for the help and instruction I received from the professors in the math department. They taught me skills in problem solving, collaboration, communication, and technology necessary for becoming a successful math teacher."

Margaret Wilson

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Degree: Math Education

School: Hankinson High School: Hankinson, ND

Classes: Algebra I, Geometry, Consumer Math, & Advanced Math

Coaching: Assistant Volleyball Coach & Assistant Softball Coach

Duties: Co-Advisor, School Newspaper

Says Margaret, "The VCSU Math Department helped to prepare me for my future career in Math Education. I was challenged, guided, and motivated by my professors to strive for excellence in my courses. Small class sizes and one-on-one instruction from professors helped me to be successful in my college career. The VCSU Math Department pushes their students, creates positive learning environments and is eager and willing to share with you their knowledge and passion for math and math education."

Alecia (Stark) Killoran

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Degree: Math Education

School: Maple Valley High School: Tower City, ND

Classes: Math 7, Math 8, General Math, Algebra II, & Geometry

Coaching: 5th & 6th Grade Volleyball Coach

Duties: Junior Class Advisor

Says Alecia, "The ability to continue to solve problems day in and day out has given me a lot of determination in teaching. I feel that there were many different characteristics that I gained from the VCSU Math Department and continue to apply and work on them in my every day teaching."

Trent Kosel

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Degree: Math Education & Chemistry Education

School: Northern Cass High School

Classes: Physical Science, Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry, Probability & Statistics

Coaching: Head Football Coach

Says Trent, "The VCSU Math Department helped me in a wide variety of ways. Not only did they prepare me for my profession through teaching the subject matter, but they maintained contact and became peer mentors. I feel very at ease to email current faculty and ask them questions on implementing something in my own classroom. This is very helpful, especially if you are the only math teacher in your school or the only person teaching a certain subject."

Department Information

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Dr. Jamie Wirth
Phone: 701-845-7734