Please submit a 500-word, well-conceived, well-organized essay with the music department application. The essay should address:

  • Why you choose to pursue a music degree.
  • Your reason(s) for applying to the Valley City State University music department.

In addition, answer two more questions from the list below:

(If you are applying to the music education program, please address at least one of the points in italics)

  • Your achievements in music, drama, speech and debate.
  • Ways in which you can be a positive asset to the music department, based on your experiences, ambitions and talents.
  • An incident/person in your past that inspired you to pursue music as a career.
  • Your involvement in volunteer, civic, pre-professional or church activities, and the benefits derived by yourself and the community at large.
    For those interested in Music Education:
  • The primary necessary characteristics of a good teacher.
  • The reasons you are particularly suited for a career in education.

*GPA ("B" average/3.0 GPA is required minimum for scholarship awards).

To be eligible for scholarship consideration, the application process (audition, theory placement examination, interview, and scholarship essay) must be completed/submitted by February 15th.

Do ONLY ONE of the following: