Environmental Science Program

Sampling Aquatic Invertebrates
Discharge Sampling
Students looking at soil
Water Sampling

The Environmental Science program at Valley City State University is designed to prepare students for careers in a variety of environmental-related fields, or to continue their education in graduate school. The major combines earth science, biology, chemistry, and physics, to study relationships between humans, and other organisms, and the environment. These qualities make the Environmental Science program a great option for students who are interested in environmental issues, and in gaining a broad education in all aspects of science.

This program provides many opportunities for practical experiences, including frequent field trips and hands-on lab activities. Research opportunities are also available, with many student taking part in laboratory and field research projects.

Graduates of the program will gain the education and experiences necessary to work in a wide variety of well-paying fields, including environmental consulting, natural resource management, the energy industry, public health, and many others. Or, if graduate school is the goal, students will be well-prepared to enter graduate programs in a variety of specialties.

Why Choose Environmental Science at VCSU?

  • VCSU is one of only two universities in North Dakota to offer a four-year degree in environmental science.
  • Many courses offer hands-on experiences, with field-trips involving:
    • Water quality monitoring
    • Soil sampling
    • Stream flow measurements
    • Plant collections
  • Class sizes are generally under 20, so students get to know their professors and other classmates.
  • VCSU offers undergraduate research opportunities in water quality, soil science, bioassessment, heavy metals in coal fly ash, and modeling aerosols in the atmosphere.
  • The Rhoades Science building was recently expanded and renovated to include updated facilities and equipment, including aquatic macroinvertebrate, biomedical research, and chemistry laboratories.
  • All of the full-time faculty in the Science Department have PhD degrees.
  • Environmental Science is a growing field, so many job opportunities are available!

From outstanding hands on experience in the field to interesting discussions in the classroom, I learned so much, and am ready to learn even more because of my awesome teachers and the phenomenal atmosphere and resources. The faculty went above and beyond when it came to helping me reach my goal of furthering my education and getting into graduate school, where I am working on my Master's in Environmental Science. Michaela Halvorson '16

Contact Us

Andre DeLorme
Professor and Department Chair
Phone: 701-845-7573
Email: andre.delorme@vcsu.edu
Sabrina Brown, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Phone: 701-845-7455
Email: sabrina.brown@vcsu.edu