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Welcome to the Health Science program at VCSU. You found us because you are interested in a career in healthcare, biomedical sciences and/or you simply love science and want to learn more. You are in the right place. There are many career options within our program and you can choose between two majors. The Health Science major is for students interested in working with patients or conducting biomedical research in graduate school. The Medical Laboratory Science degree prepares you to work in a clinical laboratory which is an essential part of providing a diagnosis in patients. You will also find information about nursing on this site. Even though VCSU does not have a nursing degree, we have created exiting pathways to get you to a career in nursing.

For more information, click on undergraduate options. For classes required in each major check out the program information link.

I chose VCSU because of its size and the science majors that are offered. At VCSU I am not just a face in a sea of faces; my professors know my name and are able to have a personable relationship with me. I chose the Health Science major because it can take me anywhere, whether that be medical school, graduate school, or a professional school. Either way I will have options, but most of all it holds all of the credentials that I need to get into a physician assistant program, which is my career goal. Mackenzie Bruce, Class of 2018

I was brought to VCSU because of football and the small class sizes. It felt like home the first time I stepped on campus. Health Science has always interested me, and this major was a perfect fit. The classes draw from a wide range of topics and help prepare me for graduate school, and ultimately a professional career. This is a great course for those looking to enter medical school. When I began here at VCSU I wanted to go the medical school route; however, after some time, I switched to a more research-centered career path. Even with this change I did not have to change my undergraduate major and I will still be extremely prepared for graduate school and whatever field I enter for a career. With this major I am accomplishing a lot and still graduating in four years. Maxwell Kollar, Class of 2018

Contact Information

Hilde van Gijssel, Ph.D
Professor of Science
Health Science and Medical Laboratory Science
701-845-7337 or

Nicholas Galt, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Science
Health Science
701-845-7459 or
Becky Pfennig, PN
Dakota College at Bottineau – Valley City site
701-845-7682 or

Susan Ashline, RN
Dakota College at Bottineau – Valley City site
701-845-7681 or