Psychology Program

The psychology program prepares students who want to work in community mental health, counseling, or the health professions. The psychology program can also serve as a solid foundation in the careers of students who want to complete graduate work or professional training in psychology, behavioral health, or law school. In addition, an increasing demand for services is present in areas such as corrections, social work, rehabilitation, addictions, and other community and personnel services through non-profit organizations.

Career opportunities for students who enter the workforce immediately after graduation include child welfare case worker, direct care associate, employment counselor, human resources specialist, insurance (sales and claims representative), probation officer, day care provider, special education paraprofessional, and case manager.

Many undergraduate psychology majors choose to pursue graduate education in areas such as School Counseling, Mental Health Counseling, Clinical Psychology, Marriage and Family Counseling, Forensic Psychology, Social Work, Experimental Psychology, Occupational or Physical Therapy, Law, and School Psychology.

To see what some of our recent alumni are up to, visit our  Alumni Stories page. For information on courses and requirements, visit the Psychology course catalog listing.

CU project - before
CU project - After

"If I didn't have the privilege to help with this project I wouldn't have understood how self-esteem, social and emotional development, and health factors are much different when you have less or enough to get by. From our hard work and sweat those children have a safer environment to play and have a fun time with others and their families." --Student Feedback on the Churches United for the Homeless Project