Committee Strategy Sheet form
Notable Accomplishment form
Red flag Issues, noting problem areas we need to look at immediately
Committee report on Criterion conclusions drawn and discussion of most significant evidence (due April 2010)
Committee Minutes form (complete and submit file copy to Coordinator for each Study Committee meeting).

Committee Strategy Sheet

Criterion ___________ Chair(s): __________________________________________

Committee Members:

Use this sheet to describe the strategies you will use to study your assigned Criterion/Core Component. You may ask each subcommittee to submit a separate page indicating their plans, or you may summarize your committee's strategies more generally. The goal is to have plans made, interview questions written, and surveys designed before the end of Fall semester.
Provide a brief narrative of your Committee/subcommittee's plans.

If you are planning to use interviews or surveys, please indicate Who will be asked (describe group/name individuals) and What will be asked (attach copies of survey/questions)

If you are planning to collect written documentation/data, please list the materials you plan to collect.

Will you be using any other indicators, in addition to the ones suggested by HLC? If so, please describe:

Notable Accomplishments

During your research, you will undoubtedly come across people, data, documents, and activities that show the University at its very best. All too often these notable accomplishments are overlooked or too soon forgotten. To help us identify our strengths and successes, please list and briefly describe the accomplishments you have noted in your research.

Area researched: ___________________________________________Date:___________

Person/Committee Reporting:________________________________________________

Notable Accomplishments:

Contact person for more information about accomplishment(s):
Red Flag Issues and Concerns

During your research, you will undoubtedly come across red-flag concerns or issues in your area of study. To improve Valley City State University, we need to identify these serious concerns as quickly as possible and begin prioritizing and planning how to address them. Please identify and briefly explain the serious concerns you have discovered.

Area researched: ___________________________________________Date:___________

Person/Committee Reporting:________________________________________________

Red Flag Concerns and Explanations:

Contact person for more information about concern(s):

Committee Report Sheet

Guide sheet for Preparing the Committee Summary Report

Each Criterion committee will research, organize, and evaluate its findings on the Core Component of the assigned Criterion. This report should illustrate how VCSU meets the criterion in question. It need not present all the evidence which has been collected, although the additional evidence should be turned in, so it is available during the campus visit.

This report should summarize the sources and variety of evidence examined, the means and criteria used to evaluate it, and the conclusions drawn from it. Please discuss specific indicators which make the strongest case. Also address areas of weakness.

Remember that we must interpret, evaluate, and discuss, not merely describe!

I. Title Page
Criterion/Area Studied
Committee chairs and members
Date of report

II. Introduction
Discuss Criterion studied
What does it mean in general?
What does it mean at VCSU?
Provide background regarding your research methods/criteria/sources


Indicate the conclusions you have drawn from your examination of VCSU
For each conclusion, discuss carefully the evidence which supports your claim, your criteria for assessment, and any other pertinent information.
Be sure to include both strengths and weaknesses.

Summarize findings
Make Recommendations

List interviews and Surveys (please include notes, instruments used, results)
Documents consulted (please include copies)


Committee Name_________________________________________________________

Date___________ Time_______ Location____________________________________

Members Attending:

Items Discussed Major Decisions

Next Meeting Date/Time/Location____________________________________________

Appendix A: Self-study Committee Reporting Materials