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Identity Theft:
Fraud committed or attempted using the identifying information of another person without authority.

Red Flag:
A pattern, practice, or specific activity that indicates the possible risk of identity theft.

Covered Account:
A financial account whose purpose can be personal or business and is offered or maintained by VCSU . The account is designed to permit multiple payments or transactions. Covered accounts includes but is not limited to credit/debit card processing, financial aid information, student loan information, business accounts, phone accounts, payroll account information; and any other account that VCSU offers or maintains for which there is a reasonably foreseeable risk to customers or to the safety and soundness of VCSU from identity theft, including financial operational, compliance, reputation, or litigation risks.

Need to Know:
Authorization is given to a user for whom access to the information must be necessary for the conduct of one's official duties and job functions as approved by the employee's supervisor.

Confidential Data:
Includes information that VCSU is under legal or contractual obligation to protect.

Public Record:
Defined as a record or data item that any entity either internal or external to VCSU can access.