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As of July 1, 2017 all employee expense reimbursements must be processed online in the Travel & Expense module. Click on the link below to log in with your NDUS credentials and complete this form.
Travel Quarters
1st quarter: 6am to 12 noon
2nd quarter: 12 noon to 6pm
3rd quarter: 6pm to 12 midnight
4th quarter: 12 midnight to 6am
Lodging In-state Out-of-state
4th quarter: 12 midnight to 6am $83.70 plus applicable taxes Actual Cost
Exceptions for Williams, Mountrail, and McKenzie counties see ND Per Diem Rate
Meals In-state Out-of-state
Must leave by 7:00am/Return after 6:00am $7.00 20% of daily rate
Must leave by 1:00pm/Return after 12:00pm $10.50 30% of daily rate
Must leave by 7:00pm/Return after 6:00pm $17.50 50% of daily rate
Mileage In-state Out-of-state
as of 1/1/2018 current state fleet rate $0.545 per mile within 300 mile radius of ND border ****NOTE: round trip max 600 miles reimbursable at this rate
$0.18 per mile beyond 300 miles of ND border