Bulk mailings enable us to send large mailings at a discounted rate.

A mailing must have 200 or more pieces of identical material to use the bulk rates.

If you are having the mailing printed, you can have the imprint of the bulk permit printed on your mailing to save time later. Otherwise, it is necessary for you to hand stamp each piece with the Bulk Stamp (available in the Business Office).

If you are processing booklets please read the new guidelines for tabbing your items. Booklets are mailpieces with a bound edge and include sheets fastened with at least two staples in the manufacturing fold (saddle-stitched), perfect bound, pressed-glued, or joined together by another binding method that is automation-compatible and produces an end where pages are attached. In general, booklets are open on three sides before sealing, like a book, and must be uniformly thick. To improve the productivity of processing booklets and to decrease damage to mailpieces, the new standards require that booklets have three, 1 1/2-inch tabs placed on the sides of the mailpiece. For additional information please visit this website: http://www.usps.com/mailpro/2009/julyaug/page4.htm

The dimensions of the LETTER are: Minimum 3 1/2' high, 5' long, 0.007' thick; Maximum 6 1/8' high, 11 1/2 ' long,1/4' thick. A FLAT is anything larger than a LETTER size.

Flat bulk mailings have more bundling restrictions. To insure the mailing is prepared to the bulk mailing standards, the department will need to go to the Post Office. Since flat bulk mailings have more restrictions and require more manual labor, we encourage you to redesign your mailing to a letter size.

Bulk mailings cannot be mixed in with the normal daily mail. Place your completed bulk mailing on the table by the postage machine.

Beginning November 23, 2008, all bulk mailings must be in compliance with the United States Postal Services "Move Update". VCSU will be implementing the Ancillary Service Endorsement Method. All bulk mail pieces must contain the phrase "ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED". It can be placed in one of four locations, as shown in the sample image. Location one being the preferred placement by USPS.

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** Note: When printing the Bulk Mailing Form you will need to print both pages back to back. The front page is for the University's use and the back page is used for the Post Office.

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